Are you looking for ways to promote your online business organically, without spending money on ads and promotions? This is a fairly common problem small businesses have when starting their ventures. Of course, having a marketing budget makes things easier for you, but nonetheless, you can achieve traction even without spending a cent on ads. In this article, you will find five proven ways on how to promote your website that will only cost you a part of your time.


Promote Your Online Business Organically Over the Internet With Email Signatures - Agora Web Designs

1. Email Signatures

Let’s start off with the most simple thing in this list, the email. Don’t make the mistake of underestimating this medium of communication, since it is the second most effective form of marketing, only exceeded by word of mouth. This is how you start to promote your online business organically using email signatures.

In order to leverage the power of email, start by adding your email signature. Your signature is your business stamp on the internet. It will be among the first things that a potential client will notice when you send your emails. It makes the conversations look more professional and also will contain several of your social links, thus providing you with space to add a small call to action for anyone reading the email to read your article or just visit your website. If you want to take it even further, take the effort to make your signature handwritten, it will provide an extra personality to your emails.


How to Promote Your Online Business Organically Over the Internet - Agora Web Designs

2. Join Online Discussion Groups

OK, so now that you have your email sorted out, start by looking for channels where you can communicate your ideas or look for potential clients. The easiest place to start is creating a Facebook page if you don’t already have one. Second, search for similar Facebook groups within your niche. Sharing content in these groups will give you the opportunity to tell everybody what you do and what problems do you solve for your clients. Stay away from spamming these groups, instead try to offer more value, or just start a discussion on a topic and let everybody know what you are offering. The same strategy applies to any other social network or forum. And while you are at it, answer a question on Quora, or open a Reddit discussion.

Second, if your business has an office, you definitely need to create an account on Google My Business. It will literally put your business on the map!

Here’s what you can do. Find the channel and post one post every day. This way you are building links, thus inviting users to visit your website. By posting five posts per week, within one month there will be 20 inbound links to your website on the internet. It is not much, but when starting from scratch this strategy can greatly help you reach the next level. And remember, don’t just spam your link out there! To promote your online business organically using this strategy, be sure to try to ALWAYS give value to anyone who reads.

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How to Promote Your Online Business Organically Over the Internet - Agora Web Designs

3. Social Media Outreach

Be honest, do you leverage the power of social media? Do you regularly give out valuable resources and engage with followers on any social network? It is a simple way to spread the word about your business. But how can you do it properly? Well, there are many like-minded people within your niche that are in the same position as you. This is the ‘help me to help you’ kind of scenario. By being actively involved in such groups, it will become easier to find new prospects and let people know what problems does your business solves. Instagram can be a great place to start, but you can also try Twitter or any other social media network that fits your business needs. Make sure your content solves a particular problem your client faces, and getting the best information out there may be a key aspect if you want to promote your online business organically over the internet.


How to Promote Your Online Business Organically Over the Internet - Agora Web Designs

4. SEO your business website

A thing that is mostly overlooked when it comes to promoting your online business organically which is your Search Engine Optimization. Take good care of the SEO of your site, learn the keywords you are aiming at. Put yourself in the shoes of a potential prospect googling his/her problem that eventually leads to your website. Use tools such as Neil Patel’s Keyword Tool and Google Trends that will help you better understand the correlation between different keywords and search phrases.

If you are still struggling with your SEO, we offer a variety of services that can enable your website to grow. Also, check out our Instagram account if you want to learn new ways to better your online business in general.

TIP: Aim for keywords with a high search volume and at the same time have low competition. That way the chances your site appearing on the first page of google search are increasing, and that is your goal. No one searches beyond the second page of google search, so prepare your website upfront to expect such behavior.


How to Promote Your Online Business Organically Over the Internet - Agora Web Designs

5. Make Yourself Available

So this one is pretty simple. Show the visitors of your website how easy it is to get in touch with you. Get a big Call To Action asking visitors to start a chat on messenger or any other chat service. Put it out there! Make it extremely easy for anybody to contact you in some way. Email is great but, in many cases, it’s not worthwhile to write an email for a simple question. For some things, you just want a piece of quick advice, and telegram or facebook’s messenger would do fine.


And there you have it! With this list of five ways to promote your website for free, you can start by taking the responsibility of promoting your website. It will take some time to get used to the behavior of the visitors, but in time you will reap the benefits of your effort.

I hope these five ways to promote your online business organically on the internet just gave you some insight on what has helped me over the years, so you can try to do it even better. If so, please consider sharing this post. It is greatly appreciated.

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