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Keeping up with the latest design, development, and marketing trends and technologies allows us to create amazing results for you or your brand.Our goal is to empower the lives of our clients and create more space, knowledge, and freedom for them to follow their dreams.Never worry about your website again!


Websites can be tough to manage and grow. Creating it is just the first step, and there are many more to follow.

The reason why I created this company is to make the prospect of owning (and growing) a website easier for people just like you!

My name is Viktor Veljanovski and I am the proud owner of Agora Web Designs, a full-stack web development agency. We strive to combine the best of all worlds and bring you a website that is not only a placeholder for your business information, but so much more.

Websites tell stories and we can help you polish and present your unique story, charming the hearts of the majority of people that you bring to your website.

We can help you in many different ways, so reach out today and take the first step.

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